1941 Springfield Armory
M-1 Garand

For Sale With Accessories


Photo Of All Major Items Included In Sale
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  • Springfield Armory 30 Cal. Battle Rifle Mfg. 9 - 1941

  • Serial Number: 386XXX

  • Matching Mfg. (SA) Receiver, Barrel, Bolt, Trigger Assembly, Operating Rod, & Stock

  • Leather Sling With Brass Clips

  • Bayonet & Scabbard

  • Grenade Launcher Sight (Was Alreasy Mounted, When I Purchased The Rifle)

  • All Original Cleaning Equipment

  • Oiler For Gun Oil & Grease Pots (68)

  • Bag of Cotton Military Cleaning Patches

  • Separated Head Case Extractor

  • Multi-Tool: Chamber Cleaning Tool, Case Extractor, Bolt & Gas Plug Tool

  • Nut Wrench & Gas Plug Tool

  • Two (2) WWII Era Ammo Cans

  • Padded Canvas Paratrooper Bag

  • Ammo & Such

    • 4 En-Bloc Clips of 30-06 AP 32+1 Rounds
    • 27 En-Bloc Clips of 30-06 M2 Ball Ammo (216 Rounds)
    • 1 En-Bloc Clip 8 + 2 Rounds of Tracer Ammo
    • 1 En-Bloc Clip 8 + 2 Rounds of Soft Point Boat Tail Hunting Ammo
    • 3 En-Bloc Clips 24 + 2 Rounds of Grenade Launcher Cartridges
    • 5 En-Bloc Clips of Once Fired Brass
    • 1 En-Bloc Clip 8 Rounds - Non-Primered, Fluted, Military Classroom Training Rounds (Non-Firing)
    • 83 Empty En-Bloc Clips
    • Total 125 En-Bloc Clips + 269 Rounds You Can Send Down Range
NOTE: I am not a dealer and this rifle is registered to me. If interested transaction must go through Registered FFL Dealer and any State Requirements for the State in which you live. If ammo such as "Tracer" can not be legally sold or received in your state, I will not include it in the sale.

$1,985.00   Or   1st Reasonable Offer

Partial Trades With Additional Payment Either Direction Also Considered!

   I'll sell Rifle Without Accessories, But Will NOT Sell The Accessories Without The Rifle (So Don't Bother Asking). I'll Take Full Or Partial Trades For a Honda Aspencade or Limited Edition Goldwing 1985 or Newer, a 4 cycle 4wd ranch quad, 250cc or larger, or a Good Condition Fully Enclosed 2 Horse Trailer - Miley Preferred.

Alan Miller - E-Mail: M1Garand@ucwrm.com Please Include Your Phone Number So I Can Call You Back!   Reasonable Offers Considered!


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